Keir Starmer’s silence on Brexit is now deafening – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Peter Brown, Shadwell, Leeds.

SIR Keir Starmer rightly led on nurses’ pay in his column (The Yorkshire Post, March 15).

But, as the Labour leader also chose to raise other topics – such as council tax, regional development and public services – I’ll highlight a notable omission: Brexit.

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Labour has been criticised by its own supporters for first backing Boris Johnson’s awful deal at Christmas – instead of simply abstaining – and then staying largely silent. Meanwhile, Brexit damage mounts. Even Government Ministers don’t seem comfortable with the “teething problems” lie any more.

Sir Keir Syarmer was elected Labour leader nearly a year ago.
Sir Keir Syarmer was elected Labour leader nearly a year ago.

Reports that Labour MPs might finally be ready to break “radio silence” on Brexit are welcome.

A pity then it did not get even a passing mention in Sir Keir’s column.

The harm Brexit is doing to Britain’s economy probably means there won’t be the tax revenues necessary to fund improvements he’d like to see if elected Prime Minister. Such as a pay increase for nurses.

Again, Sir Keir was right to focus on May’s elections. But it might be a mistake to think Labour has until a 2024 general election to settle on a Brexit position and then sell it. The way Chancellor Rishi Sunak timed tax increases in his Budget points to something sooner, commentators suggest.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has been accused of ignoring Brexit.

Yes, Brenda from Bristol: “Another one!” Possibly I’m part of the problem. Despite everything just written, Labour can take my vote for granted in May – albeit not cast with the enthusiasm it might be.

But I know some people exasperated by the party’s on-going, wishy-washy position on Europe will or are at least considering supporting a different party because of it. Or abstain from voting altogether.

From: Richard Wilson, Chair, Leeds for Europe, Riverside Way, Leeds.

THIS Sunday is the day we’re meant to complete Census forms.

This was Sir Keir Starmer during a hospital visit to highlight the issue of NHS pay.

If, like me, you object to the way your European nationality has been stripped from you, I would encourage you – where you are asked to describe your national identity – to select “Other” and then fill in “European”.

If completing the return online, the website helpfully suggests “European” as you 
type “Eur”, proving that this 
is a perfectly legal and 
effective way for us all to 
have our valued European identities recorded for 

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