Kirby Hill service station row highlights planning woes - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Roger Backhouse, Orchard Road,  Upper Poppleton, York.

Protests at the service station site. Picture: James Hardisty.
Protests at the service station site. Picture: James Hardisty.

Andrea Cope (The Yorkshire Post, April 21) asks pertinent questions about the Planning Inspector’s role in allowing a motorway service station at Kirby Hill, ignoring residents

and the local council.

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Unfortunately this is one of many examples. The root cause is Government guidance with its presumption in favour of development.

The problem goes back a long way but has worsened since the Conservatives came back to power in 2010.

Several leading Conservatives have advocated libertarian policies where “anything goes”. For example, Minister Liz Truss called for a million homes to be built on London green belt, effectively wrecking it.

She is not alone.

Locally, inappropriate small-scale developments are now permitted, totally out of character in their neighbourhoods.

Unfortunately, the Labour Party has not yet come up with ideas on planning to protect local communities, while allowing sensible development.

They have an opportunity and could get support from grass-roots Conservatives who are often horrified at what is now permitted by Government guidance.