Leeds City Council's White Rose Forest plans go awry - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: N Bywater, Oak Grove, Morley, Leeds.

Trees in Leeds. Picture: James Hardisty.

Leeds City Council is a member of the White Rose Forest – a vision to increase tree cover and improve access to green spaces across the Leeds City Region that will benefit people and wildlife.

I think it’s great to have a plan to plant five million trees, some great English oaks and Scotch pines, but some consideration needs to be used as to where to plant them. Its plan was for community engagement via councillors, faith groups and social media.

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Unfortunately, none of this community engagement happened. Partly down to the lockdown, people no longer involved with the church and because the only time we hear from councillors is shortly before the elections in May.

So here in Morley, Leeds City Council had marked out the area in Magpie Lane to plant the trees, they changed their minds and instead planted a small forest at the end of Glen Road. A large flat area which is used by locals, as it is their closest bit of green-space.

Morley Town Council then planted more trees on the same piece of land. So this piece of land that was once one of the few places that was actually used for exercise, is now unusable.

Myself and other local people have emailed Leeds City Council about this, but have received no response.

So much for a consultation.