Leeds traffic ‘nightmare’ is getting worse by the day – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Michael Chadderton, Leeds.

What more can be done to relieve congestion in Leeds?

THE recent traffic nightmare of congestion in and around Leeds is getting worse by the year.

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This, I can see, will continue forever. The main reasons for this are the past policies followed by local authorities and successive governments which have badly failed to address these issues. It is obvious that car ownership has increased and will do so forever, and that our road infrastructure is strangled by the volume of traffic on our roads.

Tailbacks in Leeds are a daily hindrance in Leeds.

Our public and traffic infrastructure planning has not moved with the times – look, for example, at the Leeds Ring Road which was developed well over 60 years ago, and even experienced problems with traffic then.

The present infrastructure, rail network, lack of reliable bus services and motorways totally choked with the ever-increasing traffic on a daily basis have, due to the lack of proper real-term investment of money and proper logical planning, fallen well short in dealing with the present situation.

It is inevitable that the problems of our daily traffic congestion will only get worse year on year, and cause further frustrations.