Letter: Brexit movie could help you decide

Many people are still undecided about which way to vote in the forthcoming EU Referendum, either to stay in the EU or to leave.

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The issues of immigration are easy to see, especially the prospect of 88 million people having access to our borders if Turkey and the other proposed countries join the EU.

So too is the issue of an EU army. This would entail dismantling the British army in order to join forces with other European armies.

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We would be expected to pay around £375m towards the scheme.

This is enough money to rehire all 20,000 soldiers sacked in the last defence spending cuts.

We would also be blocked from researching new military technology and forced to share sensitive weapons information with the rest of Europe.

Does this make us safer in the EU?

The other aspects to consider such as trade, tariffs, jobs, prosperity etc are more complex and are dealt with in the new film Brexit: The Movie, which had its premier a few days ago.

This film is free to watch online and covers these aspects giving an accurate view of how the EU works, its complexities, money spent etc and the effects of trade both inside and outside the EU.

It shows life after the World War II and up to the present day, showing how other countries have fared with regard to trade etc.

I would urge you to watch this film before deciding which way to vote. You may be surprised at what you see.

Sylvia Walker

Shiptonthorpe, York