Letter: Queen's 90th a night to remember

I hope the Queen enjoyed her birthday, we certainly did and with grateful thanks to the people of Danby, Castleton and around.

Lighting the beacon at Danby for the Queen's 90th
picture: Glenn Kilpatrick
Lighting the beacon at Danby for the Queen's 90th picture: Glenn Kilpatrick

In a gathering of well over a hundred people we had a joyous evening, where everything had been well prepared.

The beacon was made ready, with lines of Union flags, and Lord Downe had the honour of lighting it to cheers and applause from the crowd.

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We had three local clergymen to give thanks for Her Majesty’s long service to the Kingdom and pray for her future.

We had a choir and musician to lead us all in singing the National Anthem, we were given flags which we were happy to wave and we cheered loud enough for those at home to hear.

Lord Downe made a speech and read out a letter from Prince Charles.

A lady who turned 90 last weekend cut the delicious cake which had extra cakes to make sure everyone had some.

All the children joined in with gusto (not a phone or gadget in sight) and will surely still remember the evening when they reach 90.

Every age group was represented and probably the only person who will not remember the party will be the very young baby, well wrapped up against the cold. Sadly we saw no sign of any other beacon in any direction.

Perhaps they were not as high up as we were, but wherever they were they couldn’t possibly have had a better time than we did. It was brilliant and we are very grateful to the many people who did so much for the rest of us to have a wonderful time.

Mary Bielby

Cromwell Avenue, Loftus