Letter: Sixth form college under threat

The sixth form college provision in Whitby if Caedmon and Eskdale don't merge is the main highlight I see for the future.

Send your letters to us!
Send your letters to us!

Every decision made will have a knock-on effect as we know.

Funding for the sixth form college is tight and under serious threat.

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Choice is great but in towns of our size it’s not always realistic.

I know about housing and new families arriving in the future, however we all know most will be snapped up as holiday homes (fact).

I would support anything that allows the sixth form college to function better and remain viable for all our children’s futures in the town.

Some say this is Eskdale (east side) v Caedmon College Whitby (west side) - it isn’t and those councillors or groups who think it is should be ashamed.

I feel this is the most important issue we face.

I would ask all people interested in a strong school education with a sixth form provision in Whitby to fill in the survey and ensure they highlight the plight of sixth form education in Whitby unless change happens.

I would have liked to have seen the local musicians and sportsmen who will have also attended Whitby school/college to acknowledge that it’s not just Eskdale School who helped make them into the great people they are today.

Whitby as a town makes great people not just schools.

Linda Graham

Queens Drive, Whitby