Lord Prescott should keep quiet over Iraq war

From: David McKenna, Hall Gardens, Rawcliffe, Goole.

IT was with increasing amazement that I read that the Lord Prescott has come out with the statement that the invasion of Iraq “cannot be justified”.

Is the old stager now trying to distance himself from millionaire Blair, or has he set his sights on another lucrative post in the future?

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It must be remembered that Prescott was Deputy Prime Minister in 2003 but he did not say then, as far as I can recall, that “I thought war was wrong”.

His reason now given is that he thought Bush “had a plan” to resolve the Israeli-Palestine conflict! Bush had a plan? Come on! This is rather like saying that we invaded Afghanistan (again) in order to resolve the conflict in Northern Ireland.

It’s little wonder that the Middle East is in such turmoil and that terrorism is ever-present, after all it was Britain running behind America that introduced state-sponsored terrorism into Iraq and which has had nasty repercussions both here and abroad.

Blair’s statement that he did not believe that the world would be a more dangerous place after the invasion should, if there is any justice at all, haunt him daily. The Israeli war machine is so powerful and dismissive of all attempts at peace with Palestine ... including the mealy-mouthed “threats” from Obama ... that this stand-off could go on well into the future, and the Lord Prescott would do well to keep quiet and follow the old adage that “it is better to keep your mouth shut and look a fool, than open it and remove all doubt”.