Meghan Markle’s ‘brashness’ vindicates TV’s Piers Morgan – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Janet Berry, Barfield, Hambleton.

I AM appalled that Meghan Markle rang ITV to complain about Piers Morgan who has now left Good Morning Britain.

I liked Piers who had an annoying habit of interrupting people which was rude, but he was a fearless interviewer and always interesting to watch.

I think many people dislike Meghan not because of her colour but because she comes across as a brash, opinionated American.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex during their interview with Oprah Winfrey.

She is a complete anomaly and does the opposite of what she preaches. She wants to help people but does not speak to any of her family except her mother.

She wants to save the planet but flies about in private jets. She is becoming too powerful. Watch out, she might want to be President next.

Poor Harry is quickly losing his personality. We see her wide smile all the time but Harry hardly ever smiles now and is full of resentment. How sad he is estranged from his brother and father.

They could have been a force to be reckoned with in the Royal Family but it was never enough for Meghan. She seems to discard people who are not useful.

TV presenter Piers Morgan has left Good Morning Britain.

Look out, Harry!

From: M Dickinson, Whitfield Mill, Bradford.

I AM concerned by the remark of the Duchess of Sussex that there was a discussion of a title for her son.

Was she implying her child was in some way treated differently in not being styled HRH? In 1917 George V decreed that only children and grandchildren of the Monarch through the male line could be so styled.

When the daughters of Prince Andrew were born, this decree was in place and both were styled HRH.

It was later decided by the Queen that in future only the direct heir and heir to the heir would be HRH.

So when the children of Prince Edward were born, they were not HRH.

In 2012 the Queen took a further decision to allow all children born to Prince William to be accorded HRH status, not just his direct heir, thus we have a Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

In due course only the heir to Prince George will be HRH unless the Monarch decrees otherwise.

No children of Meghan Markle were ever going to be HRH. If she thought Archie would be so styled, surely her husband could have explained the law to her before what seemed to me that insinuation in the interview?

From: Paul Morley, Long Preston, Skipton.

IT is very interesting that Meghan Markle’s interview spoke of “her truth” as opposed to “the truth”. In my 30 years as a police officer, I spoke to many people who wanted to tell me their true version of event.

Unfortunately, those truths had but a passing acquaintance with the truth. Enough said.

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