Mind your language

From: Jack Kinsman, Stainton Drive, Grimsby.

The Law Lords have passed a Bill that allows any criminal stopped by the police in the course of their duties to be sworn at using any swear words that the criminal cares to use.

The culprit will not be prosecuted for using bad language to a law enforcement officer.

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The rules changes quite rapidly if you use the same language to the very judges who passed this new Bill, allowing you ton use bad language to a policeman.

The judges say it is all a matter of ‘respect’.

No respect for the copper from the judges, but people forced to ‘respect’ bewigged fools.

Missing person

From: G Stuart Leslie, Hay Brow Crescent, Scalby, Scarborough.

I WAS interested to read the fulsome praise by Jayne Dowle (Yorkshire Post, June 27) for Michelle Obama, coupled with a rather gentle disparagement of other public figures.

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However, I was surprised not to have, in the latter context, the usual tiresome, unwarranted vilification of Lady Thatcher.

What has happened? Has the West Riding finally gone soft after all these years?

Chew on that

From: Pat Marshall, York.

ANOTHER one for your dialect debates.

My 93-year-old mother-in-law tells me that between smoking his beloved Robin cigarettes, her father chewed ‘fixfax’.

This, it turns out, was a yellow piece of beef gristle.

Has anyone else come across such a practice or the name fixfax?

Working men

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From; Terry Duncan, Greame Road, Bridlington, East Yorkshire.

COULD the reason that many UK employers take on immigrants is that they are better and more reliable workers than the home-grown variety?