Missing truth about atrocities

From: Raymond Shaw, Hullen Edge Road, Elland.

With reference to the letter from Michael Ross (Yorkshire Post, June 24), he quite clearly states that Israel, before the fulfilment of its Balfour Declaration, was then part of Palestine.

What he does not say is that it was the Jewish part of Islamic/Jewish Palestine which committed the atrocities mentioned in Mr John Watson’s letter (Yorkshire Post, June 14).

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I had the doubtful honour of being in that part of the world during this period, witnessing the tribal enmity which sadly still exists today.

Old-age tension over retirement

From: Roger M Dobson, Ash Street, Cross Hills, Keighley.

have we not got a prize idiot as our Chancellor of the Exchequer? His last shot at reducing Government spending is to put up the age at which we can retire! I bet that he would not want to work after the age of 65 – with a bit of luck it would kill him.

Reight response to a greeting

From: T Marston, Lincoln.

The dignified Yorkshire response sought by Malcolm Watson to his “pet hate” greeting “You alright?” (Yorkshire Post, June 22) would be “Reight enough, ta!”

It has succinctness and echoes the terminology of the greeter. But more importantly, for a Yorkshireman, it gives nowt away whilst still showing civility through the use of “ta”.

They’ll think twice before trying again to wheedle out your private thoughts.

Tall story

From: Nick Hutton, Kenwood Road, Sheffield.

It seems odd for Bridgewater Place in Leeds to be described as “Yorkshire’s tallest building” when it is only a few miles away from Emley Moor mast, undoubtedly one of Europe’s tallest buildings.