Nationalism versus patriotism; a key difference as Boris Johnson compares Ukraine war to Brexit – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: David McKenna, Hall Gardens, Rawcliffe.

YOUR correspondent Nick Martinek (The Yorkshire Post, March 19) states that “We are all Nationalists now”. No we are not! I fear that he is failing to differentiate between patriotism and nationalism as both have similar, but not identical, meanings.

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In my mind, patriotism is a love of one’s country whilst nationalism goes one step further and throughout history has led to war and devastation.

Russia dictator Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine has led to fresh debate between nationalism and patriotism.

We are now witnessing the difference – the Russian “military exercise” in Ukraine has rampant nationalism stamped all over it as Putin strives to rebuild his beloved USSR. Here, the dictionary definition of nationalism is clear: “a patriotic feeling, often to an excessive degree”; in this case murder and destruction of others.

The people of Ukraine, however, show their patriotism by vigorously supporting their country and defending it against a nationalist warlord.

Your correspondent then goes on to state that some MPs who voted not to leave the European Union are now “ardent nationalists”. What tripe!

From: Thomas W Jefferson, Batty Lane, Howden, Goole.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine continues to shock the world.

JACK Gooch should not regret his common sense observation that it’s time to move on from the recriminations over Brexit (The Yorkshire Post, March 21).

Our former EU membership terms are no longer available, so Remainers must rebadge themselves as Rejoiners and, eventually, argue that case, but will have no credibility unless they show an understanding of what it would mean.

We would have to commit to “ever closer union” which, taken to its logical conclusion, would see us being to the EU what Texas is to the USA – big in our own backyard, but with very little global profile. Very few would vote for that.

From: ME Wright, Harrogate.

CHANCELLOR Rishi Sunak has enough on his plate, without trying to justify the crassness of yet another “mis-speak” by Boris Johnson (The Yorkshire Post, March 21). Might it not be less embarrassing for the country and the Tory party if this Classicist buffoon were to be required to speak nothing but Latin?

From: Jonathan Tudor, Harrogate.

WHAT possessed Boris Johnson to compare Ukraine to Brexit, and who advised the PM that such a crass comparison was acceptable? Time for a new speechwriter in Downing Street.

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