‘Net zero’ obsession fuelling energy crisis – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Nick Martinkek, Briarlyn Road, Huddersfield.

WHAT happens when the wind doesn’t blow? Well, now we’ve found out. The UK energy sector collapses.

Ever since Labour’s 2008 Climate Change Act, successive governments – Labour, Conservative and Lib Dems – have been obsessed with “net zero”.

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What should Boris Johnson do to tackle the fuel and energy crisis?

The consequence is the UK relies heavily on intermittent electricity generation by solar and wind. If it had not been for the mothballed coal plants (due for demolition) being hastily brought back online, we would have had blackouts. When they’re gone, what is going to be actually available at night when there’s no wind? The answer is nothing.

The Government sets energy policy, not the energy companies. So this Conservative government is directly to blame for our high energy bills; a lack of industrial scale back-up for wind and solar; low storage for natural gas; an effective ban on fracking for gas, resulting in lower UK production; and even greater dependency on wind to come (Boris Johnson’s ‘Saudi Arabia of Wind’).

In addition, Conservative government policy is to deprive our homes of gas heating, making us dependent on electricity – and we’ve just seen how precarious that is. Yet the Government has no plans for extra electricity generation capacity to power that policy. All of this has been made worse by the Government’s untargeted national (Covid) lockdowns which have caused widespread disruption, and shortages of both labour and material.

The Government’s policies are impractical, covered over by political bluster. It is time for Boris Johnson to go.

What should Boris Johnson do to tackle the fuel and energy crisis?

From: Paul Morley, Long Preston.

WHY can’t the Government and the media stop advising people not to panic buy when there is a minor problem in various supply chains?

As soon as the idiot public hear this, what do they do? Go straight out and buy everything up, be it fuel or toilet rolls, and irrespective of whether they need them or not, causing an instant shortage.

In my local towns, though, I have yet to see an empty supermarket shelf, so perhaps we’re a bit more sensible up North.

What should Boris Johnson do to tackle the fuel and energy crisis?

During the Second World War, I believe there was something called a D notice whereby anything which affected national security, or could cause panic amongst the public, was kept out of the news to prevent any such fears. If we could go back to that idea, people would carry on as normal and not create bigger problems than necessary by their stupidity and greed.

From: Dave Haskell, Cardigan.

ALL those protesters selfishly blocking roads such as the M25 have seen nothing yet. As the green and woke agendas ‘kick-in’, an energy Armageddon is fast approaching.

Unbelievably this is due to the insane and myopic policy of pursuing large scale wind and solar farms in the UK; it is chickens coming home to roost for Boris Johnson and his fantasy Saudi Arabia of Wind Power!

The eye-watering increases in the cost of energy are simply the writing on the wall, and there is far more trouble yet to come in the form of blackouts.

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