New Land Army could recruit from schools to help farmers

From: Steve Wilson, Idle, Bradford.

Cold young people help pick crops this summer?
Cold young people help pick crops this summer?

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Time for farming’s new Land Army to dig for victory – The Yorkshire Post says

YOUR editorial (The Yorkshire Post, March 28) on a new Land Army makes a strong point without suggesting possible solutions; I have one.

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We have a ready-made workforce sitting idly at home awaiting schools to reopen, hopefully in September.

Farmers are facing a labour crisis this year.

What a life-changing experience this could be for young people to gain an understanding of how vital agriculture is?

Additionally, the chance to earn a few quid cannot be underestimated.

And, if we switch even a modest percentage away from fast food, having now the ability to appreciate real food, then surely a win-win?

From: David Craggs, Shafton Gate, Goldthorpe.

There are still empty shleves in many supermarkets.

WHY don’t we “get real” and stop deluding ourselves about our nation pulling together in these difficult times?

Of course the circumstances in which we find ourselves have, and still are, bringing out the best in many of us – like all those key workers who are giving their all to at least make life tolerable for the rest of us.

But we cannot dismiss the fact that many individuals in this country have, and still are, acting appallingly in their selfish behaviour whilst shopping in our supermarkets.

From what we’ve been told, this sort of behaviour has not been seen in the supermarkets of our European neighbours.

What is it in the make-up of so many of our citizens that makes them act in such a selfish way?

From: Brian H Sheridan, Lodge Moor, Sheffield.

AS a retired teacher, I must confess to being guilty of “that appalling habit where someone with a dripping cold puts on a brave face and struggles to get to work” to whom Godfrey Lomas refers (The Yorkshire Post, March 28).

I would like to think this was an act of pure altruism as, in those days at least, a colleague would have to give up a valuable free period to cover for me.

However, if I’m honest, I was mindful that certain individuals had a reputation for being fond of the “sickie”. With hindsight, I would now stay away: if any good emerges from this dreadful pandemic it could be that we shall be more aware of the dangers of all infection and contagion.

From: Tim Bradshaw, Slaithwaite.

THERE have been various suggestions to stop panic/ unnecessary purchasing from supermarkets. Diane Haigh’s recent letter referred to the locking up of the trolleys and allowing only hand baskets.

Perhaps allowing a time limit, previously known as “Supermarket Sweep”, should be reintroduced with, say, a five minute time limit to ensure that speculative panic-buying would be reduced.

Also the amount of “out of date” food previously purchased by the greedy and selfish members of society would not have to be removed by our overworked refuse collectors, who are busy enough at the moment, and not have to be dumped in landfill sites.

From: Arthur Jones, Meltham, Holmfirth.

JOHN G Davies (The Yorkshire Post, March 25) is impressed by the erection of a hospital in a short time and from this deduces that China is a hyper-modern country. Sorry, Mr Davies it is a complete totalitarian state, not a democracy.

From: John Cole, Oakroyd Terrace, Baildon, Shipley.

WHAT the pandemic and the responses of governments has shown is the desirability of international co-operation (Tom Richmond, The Yorkshire Post, March 28). Brexit was always a dumb idea. Why not use this great emergency as a reason for dropping Brexit altogether?