New Zealand trade deal hastens UK’s farming demise – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Mike Baldwin, Nether Edge, Sheffield.

The impact of the New Zealand trade deal on farming is causing concern.

The New Zealand trade deal represents another nail in the coffin of British farmers and rural communities.

Coming on the back of the Australian deal, which the NFU stated “will jeopardise our farming industry and could cause the demise of many, many beef and sheep farms throughout the UK”, this deal will only accelerate that demise.

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What are the advantages of
our new trade deal with New 
Zealand? Last year the Department for International Trade predicted a future trade deal would increase the UK’s 
GDP by 0.00 per cent. Yes 0.00 per cent. Nothing!

This was Chancellor Rishi Sunak delivering his Budget on Wednesday.

But Boris Johnson thinks there is another advantage. He said: “This new deal will help drive green growth here and on the other side of the world in New Zealand”.

How can importing food from 12,000 miles away be described as green when it is available on our doorstep? Lord Deben, chair of the Independent Climate Change Committee, called the deal a disgrace and said: “It is not acceptable and at odds with everything the Government has promised to do to safeguard our farmers. We are looking for sustainability, not unsustainable trade deals.”

The deal is going to massively damage UK farming and rural communities, is unsustainable in climate terms and will do nothing for our economy.

So, just the same combination of dysfunctional ideology and incompetence we have come to expect from this Government.

From: Gordon Lawrence, Sheffield.

EVERY time Rishi Sunak opens his mouth, billions pour forth – philanthropy on an unimaginable scale.

And there are always an infinite number of insatiable mouths to feed as the ultimate in generosity goes on.

If it were Jeremy Corbyn releasing all this bounty, the Establishment would be queueing up en masse for the next space bus to Mars.

The only conclusion that a rational observer can arrive at is that Rishi has unusual and inventive sources of wealth. Indeed, reports have been coming in of such phenomena.

The first of these panaceas are the renowned magic money trees that, I understand, Rishi is planting along the M62 in the new Trans-Pennine Forest, each of which, within 10 years could pay for 10 heat pumps or 85 solar panels.

Boris Johnson must be congratulating himself on his genius in appointing Rishi to run the economy.

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