Parents who are peerless

From: Terry Palmer, South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley.

ANOTHER surprise from left wing Tory Ed Miliband. This time he makes Doreen Lawrence, murdered black teenager Stephen Lawrence’s mother, a Labour peer.

What about her estranged husband who has also worked tirelessly for his late son? Mind you, I could name at least 50 parents in my local vicinity alone who have also worked tirelessly for their sons and daughters. Then we have Ben Needham’s mum, Sarah Payne’s mum, James Bulger’s mum and Madeleine McCann’s parents, not forgetting the Parrys whose son was killed in Warrington.

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Will they be going into the House of Lords? Don’t hold your breath.

Taste of heaven in Yorkshire

From: Andrew N Graham, Wombleton, North Yorkshire.

I THOROUGHLY enjoy ‘My Yorkshire’ in the Saturday Yorkshire Post but I suspect the county is occasionally undersold.

My own day would start with a dawn walk at Sutton Bank with Jim Wight (son of James Herriot), breakfast at the Black Sheep Brewery, Masham, followed by a tour of the county in a jet from RAF Leeming.

Lunch would be at Bettys, Northallerton, with David Hockney, Brian Blessed, ‘Sir’ Geoffrey Boycott, Norman Hunter, Harry Gration and Michael Palin.

A drive through the Dales would lead to Elland Road where I would score four of the six goals by which York City beat Barcelona in the Champions League final.

Having already experienced heaven, my cremated remains could be in the Swale at Keld before midnight to start their final journey to the North Sea.

Snide of mark

From: Brian Hardgrave, Kilham, East Yorkshire.

I WAS disappointed to read Tony Worthington’s response (Yorkshire Post, July 31) to the Archbishop of York’s suggestion regarding the living wage. He couldn’t resist an initial snide comment on the Archbishop’s background, but then went on to imagine that Dr John had no grasp of working conditions worldwide, nor, British business involvement for that matter.