Please become an organ donor

From: Rebecca Smith, Team Manager of Yorkshire Organ Donation Team, NHS Blood and Transplant, Bridal Path, Leeds.

IN response to your editorial “The gift of life” (Yorkshire Post, February 14) I would like to thank you for your support for organ donation.

I would also like to encourage readers to discuss the topic of organ donation with their families and sign up to the NHS Organ Donor Register (ODR). Simply carrying a donor card may not be enough to ensure your wishes will be granted after death.

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The best way of making sure, should the prospect of organ donation arise, is to sign the ODR and making your family aware of your decision.

By putting your name on the register I can check to make sure you are signed up which will make the discussion with your family, and hopefully their decision to agree to donation, a lot easier.

Anyone with any queries around joining the NHS Organ Donor Register should call 0300 1232323 or visit

Counted out

From: Tricia Hanson, South Lane, Netherton, Wakefield.

I HAVE been an avid fan of Countdown for very many years but not any more.

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Who on earth selected Jeff Stelling as the host of the programme?

Please find someone with a personality and some charisma.

Shining a light

From: Andrew Mercer, Oxford Road, Guiseley.

REGARDING the roadworks on the A65 Kirkstall Road in and out of Leeds city centre, which dimwit at the council chose to re-programme the traffic lights in order to cause the most possible disruption?

Well done Leeds City Council – a sure-fire way of putting people off from living and working here.