Prime Minister Boris Johnson tarnishes all Conservatives - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Pete Dring, York.

The Conservative PM and Chancellor’s assertions that “no rules were broken” and “all guidance was followed” was proven to be wilfully deceptive.

Instead of holding their leaders to account, the York Conservatives pathetically called for the resignation of the York Council leader over a car park disagreement stating that “York residents deserve better”.

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We absolutely do deserve better: we deserve to be led by politicians who abide by the Nolan Principals and Ministerial Code.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

There have been some attempts to trivialise or dismiss the fact that our Prime Minister broke the law during lockdown but I’d like to remind you why it’s not a trivial act and why it must not be dismissed.

Michael Fabricant has said that Boris was only doing the same as any teacher or nurse having a drink at the end of a long shift in the staff room.

Let’s leave aside the fact that any teacher or nurse who got caught drinking alcohol on site would get instantly dismissed for gross misconduct. We can also gloss over the fact that most teachers or nurses haven’t had time to socialise in their staffroom for years and are insulted to think they’re being portrayed as “chillaxing” there during lockdown.

Instead, let’s focus on the fact that it’s not any old person who’s broken the law here; it’s the leader of our democracy; the figurehead of the Government: the one who called for the rest of the country to follow his law. This was the law that separated grieving families from dying relatives; the law that he – on record – asserted had not been broken.

Nadine Doris said that the PM is at his best when he’s getting on with the job of delivering on the priorities of the British people. There can be no higher priority for British people than integrity, honesty, accountability and transparency.

I have yet to find a home in any political party but I will never cast my vote in support of a party that thinks their leaders are above the law.

I don’t think Conservatives are evil or that all politicians are corrupt. I know that there are men and women of integrity within the Conservative party. However, it’s much, much harder to defend you when you are slow to speak up for honesty and accountability within your own party.

Respectfully, you need to put your own house in order. The longer Mr Johnson stays in Number 10 the more damage is done to your own reputation and chance of electoral success both nationally and locally.