Public ignorance lets Boris Johnson off the hook – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Jerry Diccox, Darley.

Why do so many people support Boris Johnson when the country faces so many crises?
Why do so many people support Boris Johnson when the country faces so many crises?

I SHARE David Blunkett’s despair that the electorate seem willing to accept a Government which refuses to take responsibilty for anything (The Yorkshire Post, October 9).

I suggest that the explanation is down to wilful ignorance. Too many people self-select their news from questionable online sources and spend their lives in the self-righteous echo chamber of ignorance that is social media.

Someone said to me recently: “Politicians are all the same, anyway what’s the alternative? Communism?”

Why do so many people support Boris Johnson when the country faces so many crises?

The perceived notion that Boris Johnson ‘Got Brexit Done’ and steered us through an unprecedented pandemic better than anyone else could is apparently more than enough to see off criticism from anyone who might be paying a bit more attention to this Government’s woeful performance.

From: Terry Palmer, Hoyland, Barnsley.

DID anyone see and listen to Labour’s Emily Thornberry – the Shadow International Trade Minister – during her round of TV interviews at the weekend?

She and the rest of this un-electable party have no solutions whatsoever to any of the country’s problems, all they can do is blame Brexit for everything.

They are just like robots, switch them on, plug them in and stand back to hear the same old recorded message. No wonder people prefer ‘bumbling’ Boris Johnson to the ‘ramblings’ of un-electable Labour.

Who are they supposed to represent apart from the Remainers and Remoaners?

From: Doug Clark, Cononley, Skipton.

OF all the living ex-Prime Ministers to lambast (Jason Reed, The Yorkshire Post, October 7), surely the least deserving of Jason Reed’s ire is Gordon Brown?

Mr Brown is a tireless campaigner for global education and ending child poverty, and his role with the WHO seems to fit well with his stated aims of securing equitable distribution of Covid vaccines. It’s also disingenuous to declare Mr Brown as “the man who single- handedly broke UK plc”, given that when he left Downing 
Street our national debt stood 
at 75 per cent of GDP which by 2019 (before the pandemic hit) had increased to 84 per cent of GDP.

As a self-proclaimed ‘public health commentator’, Mr Reed should be supporting the efforts of the WHO to distribute vaccines to poorer countries and its laudable aims of tackling the big health issues of the moment.

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