Readers share opposing views on Bill Carmichael's column about EU - Yorkshire Post Letters

Two readers have opposing views about Bill Carmichael's recent column for The Yorkshire Post.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. (AP Photo/Francisco Seco, Pool).

From: Thomas W Jefferson, Batty Lane, Howden, Goole.

Bill Carmichael gives an excellent critique of the EU (The Yorkshire Post, March 19), but doesn’t go far enough.

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The cause of their woes is to be found in their inflexible and excessive regulatory regime which, even in what is literally a matter of life and death, prevents them seeing the Covid wood for the bureaucratic trees.

Throw into the mix the inevitable economic fall-out resulting from their abysmal performance and the coming struggle for influence and control when Angela Merkel steps down later this year and there is little prospect of the EU “upping their game” anytime soon. But at least they’ve got Commission President Ursula von der Leyen to guide them through!

From: Bernard Gospel, Bridge Close, Scarborough.

One can always rely on Bill Carmichael to liven up a dull weekend – with the usual unproven, opinionated tosh which regular readers have grown to love!

I must admit that I struggled to see the point of this rambling rant.

Is he telling us that European leaders are as useless as Great Britain’s leaders at understanding statistics?

The analysis of side effects to any inoculation roll out is a skill undertaken by professional medical analysts world-wide.

These professional, caring people know that they bear a terrible responsibility, and if a pause in a rollout programme is called for, then we must all respect their judgment.

The European Commission may be unelected, but so are Great Britain’s civil servants.

Please remember, Mr Carmichael, that most of the work which politicians claim to perform is actually undertaken by the backroom boys and girls, or didn’t you realise that?

Finally you refer to a ‘successful Brexit’.

Which Brexit is this, Mr Carmichael, the one where our farmers and fishermen are being ruined because of the way that Boris Johnson ‘negotiated’ his way out?

The one where trade with the most successful single market in the world is being stifled by Boris Johnson’s negotiating skills?

If this is ‘success’, Mr Carmichael, please do not show us un-success! I invite Mr Carmichael to visit the Yorkshire coast and to discuss this ‘success’ with some fishermen.

I have to advise him that he might be on the receiving end of a ‘Scarborough warning’, however!