Reality check for out-of-touch supporters of wasteful EU

From: David Cooper, Carr Lane, Wadworth, Doncaster.

YOUR article by Alan McGauley, senior lecturer in politics at Sheffield Hallam University, shows up exactly what politics is about – the art of making asinine comments (The Yorkshire Post, November 17).

He says the EU supports 4.2 million jobs in the UK. Rubbish, they may be involved with involved with trade to the EU but are not wholly dependent on it.

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The EU is not a country. It is a badly-run corrupt bureaucracy whose only function is to make up rules to justify its own existence.

From: John Martin, Westfield Close, Hotham, York.

WHILE tidying out some old drawers the other day I came across an election leaflet from 17 years ago. The following was being proposed:

1. An end to uncontrolled immigration.

2. The hands of the police and school teachers to be untied.

3. The end of “early release” from prison sentences (i.e. 10 years to mean 10 years).

4. Corporal punishment to be brought back for vicious muggers and house burglars.

5. Life sentences for drug peddlers, and people traffickers.

6. The death sentence to be brought back for serial killers and robbers who commit murder in the process.

7. Outlawing the inhumane slaughter of live animals without proper stunning.

8. Withdrawal from the EU (the only way any of the above can be brought into being).

I can see many of your readers nodding in agreement with most of these proposals which if implemented would return this country to the place many remember how it used to be.

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

WATCHING TV and reading newspapers, I am beginning to think that both the Labour 
and Conservative Parties are starting to panic over the success of Ukip.

The real reason for Ukip’s popularity is that they are saying what the populace are thinking and that is that politicians are not living in the real world.

For the Government to say that it cannot afford to give all workers in the Health Service a one per cent pay rise and yet can send money to Argentina and Russia in the form of foreign aid, build HS2 to save 20 minutes on a journey from Birmingham to London as well as paying millions into Europe is, in the eyes of working people, a nonsense.

Wake up David Cameron and Ed Miliband – or pay the price next year.