Red Wall Tory MPs condemned by sleaze storm – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Alan Gardner, Bennison Street, Guisborough.

Boris Johnson's leadership continues to be called into question.

JAKE Berry MP states that the new breed of “blue wall” Conservative MPs in the Northern Research Group work for “the people who elected us, not the Conservative Party or Boris Johnson”.

If that’s the case, why did the vast majority of them vote last week for the continuance of sleaze and to keep Owen Paterson in his money grabbing role? True conservatism is that demonstrated by John Major, Michael Hesletine and Ken Clarke in their announcements on sleaze, not this new breed of Tory yes men and women we have in the blue wall.

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From: M P Laycock, Harrogate.

Jake Berry heads the Northern Research Group of Tory MPs.

KEVIN Hollinrake MP (The Yorkshire Post, November 5) makes a valid point that “it shouldn’t look like powerful people are above the law”.

Neither should they be deprived of legal protections available to ordinary people. If Owen Paterson had been accused of an actual crime, he would have been entitled to have legal representation, answer his accusers, challenge evidence and call witnesses. All were denied him.

Mr Paterson alleges that he was not given full details of charges against him. If any lesser public authority or tribunal or even a private club or association had behaved in this way, he could have applied to the High Court for an order of certiorari for breach of natural justice.

From: ME Wright, Harrogate.

I DON’T deny a perverse pleasure in seeing that the newspapers have turned on Boris Johnson. I once read that his Eton housemaster had reported that Johnson regarded himself as an exception “who should be free of the network of obligation which binds everyone else”; well judged sir!

I think many of us grasped that long ago, but clearly he has infected and reinforced his Downing Street Brexiteer cabal with this.

That some Tories defied the whips gives some assurance that all might not be lost. They also remind us of the sacrifices of Sir David Amess and Jo Cox and of the largely nameless, dutiful MPs who rarely make the front pages.

From: Jarvis Browning, Fadmoor, York.

WHAT our MPs are doing is a disgrace. Pure greed. None of them should be paid for lobbying on behalf of anybody. They all get a public payment and should not get any additional fees. Shame on those that behave like that as it brings those MPs not involved in such abuses to shame. Is the House of Commons that corrupt?

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