Rishi Sunak should rethink Channel 4 sell-off stance - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Mrs S Galloway, Stirrup Close, York.

How disappointing that Rishi Sunak, representing a Yorkshire constituency, is so keen to sell off Channel 4 – a jewel in the county’s crown.

Recognising the talent and burgeoning arts and creative scene in Yorkshire, which is underpinned by local universities and higher education establishments, we are proud that Channel 4 chose to make its headquarters in Leeds.

A highly successful and innovative company which I had thought would be held up as a shining example of entrepreneurial spirit now finds itself in limbo as a result of government interference.

Rishi Sunak. Pic: Getty.

What goes against the grain is that 96 per cent of respondents to the Government’s own survey were opposed to the sell-off; that the Department of Culture has admitted trying to interfere in the company’s annual report – an action which would warrant immediate dismissal elsewhere – and nowhere did the sell-off feature in the Conservative Party manifesto for the last election.

Yorkshire people are renowned for their forthright views. If Mr Sunak wishes to become PM and remain a Yorkshire MP, I suggest that he takes heed and abandons this scheme.