Rooney and our sense of value

From: RC Curry, Adel Grange Close, Leeds.

THE news that Wayne Rooney is to receive £300,000 per week seems to pass without a 
murmur of protest (Tom Richmond, Yorkshire Post, February 22).

Yet, recently there was some critical comment about highly skilled medical consultants 
being paid £200 a session 
when needed to cover shortages in A & E departments, thus possibly picking up anything from £1,600 - £2,400 for an 8-10 hour shift.

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What a madcap, disorientated sense of values seems to exist these days, that the footballer’s boot seems to be more valued than the surgeon’s scalpel.

From: Barry Foster, High Stakesby, Whitby.

WHAT a strange old country we now live in. Food Banks (Yorkshire Post, February 24)being set up all over the 
place to assist the poor and 
needy and then someone 
being paid £300,000 per week to mess around with a football.

Isn’t it time we got our priorities right?

From: Rhys Thomas, Catterick.

IF Wayne Rooney is worth £300,000 a week, what would the iconic Busby Babes be worth today?

From: Ann Aldridge, Park Avenue, Hull.

WHY the fuss over Wayne Rooney? He’s being paid what 
his club (Manchester United) deems him to be worth.

The fault rests with them for paying so much to such 
a petulant individual who 
has never fulfilled his promise.

I despair.