Rwanda sceheme backed by Liz Truss part of stain on nation - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: John Cole, Shipley.

In an attempt to curry favour with the Conservative party membership, Liz Truss has promised to send more migrants to Rwanda.

The whole scheme of transporting refugees and asylum seekers, many of them vulnerable, has already been widely criticised as probably illegal and certainly immoral. It is a stain on the national reputation of this country.

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Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss face first public hustings in Leeds next week

If there develops a bidding battle between Truss and Sunak as to who can transport more refugees then it shows up the leadership contest for what it is – an odious exercise in sucking up to right-wing prejudices of the worst sort.

Our unwritten constitution is deeply flawed when it delegates to 160,000 or so pensionable, wealthy white males, mostly lacking any moral compass or scintilla of humanity, the choice of our next Prime Minister.

From: Dick Lindley, Altofts, Normanton.

Having watched the debate on Monday evening on BBC between Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss, I was amazed that Rishi Sunak was allowed to rudely interrupt Liz Truss constantly during the debate with total impunity.

I always thought of Rishi Sunak as being a real gentleman but having watched the programme and watched his behaviour towards Liz Truss, it is quite obvious that I was sadly mistaken.

Perhaps the young lady presenting the show was unduly influenced by his flash suit and good looks, for it was difficult otherwise to understand why she allowed his interruptions without intervening.

I liked Liz Truss’s positive policies of low taxation and the encouragement of free enterprise, which will together make Britain great once again. I hope Tory party members will give their vote to Liz and not to Rishi with his high taxation regime, which as we all know is an anathema to hard-working people striving to make ends meet.

From: ME Wright, Harrogate.

Jayne Dowle declares that Liz Truss as PM “would be a disaster for all women” (The Yorkshire Post, July 25).

Please Jayne, make that “disaster” full stop!

I must put right Jayne’s reference to Ms Truss’s “inner city comprehensive school”.

Roundhay is in the LS8 postcode area, which is probably the most diverse in the city. It has what might be described as ‘Red Wall’ areas and those which are anything but. Roundhay School is part of the latter.

Given her parents’ academic credentials, I think we may safely assume that the Truss home was similarly located.

As a very small plus, I would claim that her photoshoots in a tank, fur hat etc, were marginally less tiresome than David Cameron’s “one of you” posings with hard hat and pork pie!