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How can we reduce the use of plastic?
How can we reduce the use of plastic?
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From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

There is little doubt that plastic is now at a stage where it is a serious danger to wildlife both on land and more importantly the sea.

One would have thought by now that our clever scientists, who took mankind to the Moon and created weapons of mass destruction could also create a wrapping material that would be biodegradable but also strong enough too get our groceries, etc, home without disintegrating.

The person who could invent such a wrapping would become a hero and earn the gratitude of the nations.

So come on you scientists, the challenge is there.

From: Professor John Double, Carlinghow Hill, Upper Batley.

THROUghOUT time there have been “climate changes”, both hot and cold (The Yorkshire Post, May 6).

These things are cyclical, as are most things in nature.

However, what many seem to forget or ignore that without carbon dioxide, CO2, this would not happen. Our fundamental source of food is plant material and the fundamental source of plant material is CO2.

If some of the ludicrous demands for the reduction in CO2 were met, then there may be a significant threat to food security and life itself.