Sheffield Council chief executive Kate Josephs must resign over lockdown drinks party – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Dave Ellis, Magdalen Lane, Hedon.

Should Sheffield City Council chief executive Kate Josephs resign?
Should Sheffield City Council chief executive Kate Josephs resign?

HOW can the recently appointed chief executive officer, Kate Josephs, still be trusted to head up council services in Sheffield?

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Residents of the city of Sheffield deserve a better chief to run council services than the ex-Covid taskforce chief who broke the rules she ‘signed off’ during lockdown in December 2020 (The Yorkshire Post, January 15).

Should Sheffield City Council chief executive Kate Josephs resign?

I agree with Lord Scrivens that Kate Josephs should resign as part of her executive role is leading along with the Clinical Commissioning Group on public health to combat the spread of Covid in Sheffield.

Would Kate Josephs have apologised when she did if a national newspaper had not announced that it was going to print the story? It appears that the prior notification prompted her to take action and apologise.

From: Michael Green, Baghill Green, Tingley.

WHILE it is right that opposition parties should do all they can to hold the Government to account on this, this is not the real issue. Rather, it is that all these breaches of the rules involved senior paid officials, who clearly took the view that the rules which they themselves had had a hand in drawing up, only applied to other idiots and not to themselves. That’s nonsense, as well as being inexcusable arrogance.

Nothing is ever going to persuade those people that they might have got things a bit wrong. So our only hope for the future is to get them all out of their current positions. Can anybody suggest a legal way of making this happen? I have generally little regard for the views of Dominic Cummings, but it does seem that on this issue he might just have been right.

From: Barry Foster, Whitby.

THE saga of Boris Johnson and the drinks parties has now been joined by Sir Keir Starmer. His recent reply on the radio certainly matched Boris and his excuses.

Surely the time has come to move on from parties that happened over a year ago and there must be bigger things to concentrate on like getting the country and its people back to some state of normality? That must surely be a bigger task for all politicians.

From: Alan Hickman, Keighley Road, Skipton.

WHEN the Prime Minister referred to a gathering in the garden of No 10 as a working event, was he being facetious?

The participants certainly did not appear to be abstemious!

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