South Yorkshire buses should take priority over Doncaster Sheffield Airport - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Jenny Carpenter, (Better Buses for South Yorkshire & South Yorkshire Climate Alliance).

Doncaster Sheffield Airport’s days may be numbered. Yes, I understand the consternation.

I am aware that some workers from Eastern Europe use the airport on journeys to and from home. The great majority of passengers, though, are taking holiday flights which aren’t essential to the region’s prosperity.

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It is far more important to secure the future of South Yorkshire’s buses, the means by which people get to work, school, college and hospital.

Doncaster Sheffield Airport.

We must get behind the South Yorkshire Mayor, Oliver Coppard, to secure extended funding to stop the rot, while pursuing bus franchising en route to full public control. Let’s get our priorities right.

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Doncaster Sheffield Airport faces closure as 'no longer commercially viable'