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Do you support Boris Johnson's handling of Brexit?
Do you support Boris Johnson's handling of Brexit?
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From: Frank Saggerson, Wood Lane, Bramley.

WHAT a state we have got ourselves into. We now have a choice of Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn with Nigel Farage sticking his oar in to complicate matters even further.

Would Jeremy Corbyn make a good Prime Minister?

Would Jeremy Corbyn make a good Prime Minister?

I’ve news for Boris Johnson: you’re no Winston Churchill and here’s why – Tom Richmond

We have wasted over three years trying to achieve the result of a democratic vote on Brexit which is now well out of date, and no longer represents a true picture of the current situation.It was obvious from the start that Europe would do nothing to assist our exit – and why should they it was our choice.

Jacob Rees-Mogg and the electoral threat posed by ‘irrational’ Brexiteers – David Blunkett

So where are we now? The current situation is that the pound has been devalued, interest rates on savings have been halved, more and more people are being fed at food banks, farmers, transport companies and small businesses are afraid of the outcome should we go ahead.

Brexit protesters continue to take to the streets.

Brexit protesters continue to take to the streets.

Remainers’ antics have made me back no deal Brexit: Bill Carmichael

There is also the question of peace in Ireland which is in the balance. Should we still listen to Boris Johnson and his cronies and allow them to carry on?

Surely there are enough sensible MPs in Parliament to end the farce, get some new leaders in (Tom Richmond, The Yorkshire Post, September 9) and seek the true current opinion of the population?

From: Keith Punshon, Willow Bridge Lane, Dalton, Thirsk.

WITH the Remainer parties playing politics with Project Fear, I think that two can play that game. Vote Remain and see Prime Minister Corbyn scrap our deterrent overnight and scrap the submarine building programme.

As our democracy dies the death of a thousand cuts, and the economy crashes, we can see an end of our alliance with the USA and security co-operation. Think only about vital domestic policies and see NATO die.

From: Robert Mansfield, Old Lane, Bramhope, Leeds.

I HAD to laugh when I read Tom Richmond’s column calling for a government of unity headed by Ken Clarke and Harriet Harman (The Yorkshire Post, September 9). I had just read the letter from AJA Smith pointing out the Ken Clarke quote from the past: “I look forward to the day when the Westminster Parliament is just a Council Chamber in Europe.” I assume Tom Richmond endorses this. Remainers just do not get it.

From: Terry Morrell, Willerby.

I AM unsure whether Project Fear, the gullible public, or the headline-seeking national media is the most unbelievable component of our current state of chaos? Answers on the back of a referendum voting slip!