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From: Elisabeth Baker, Leeds.

Are pharmacies allowing too many medicines and nutritional drinks to go to waste?

TWO days before my brother’s recent death, the local pharmacy dispensed for him several months’ supply (107 bottles) of a nutritional supplement drink. Most of the bottles were in sealed cartons.

I cannot return the cartons to the pharmacy as they cannot accept anything which has left their premises.

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The local hospice, homeless charity and food bank all refused to take and use them.

Are pharmacies allowing too many medicines and nutritional drinks to go to waste?

Even the RSPCA Animal Home cannot take them.

I am expected to put them all in the rubbish bin.

Can anybody suggest what I can do instead? There are also numerous unopened tubes and tubs of various skin creams, to which the same applies.

I can understand why drugs cannot be returned to pharmacies.

But what an utter waste of 
an excellent source of nourishment – and of resources – this is.

From: Henry Cobden, Ilkley.

I TRIED to take some walking aids back to the GP after a relative’s death, but they said they had to go to the local authority. What a palaver that proved to be. Why can’t NHS managers and GP surgeries be given lessons in simplicity? It would actually make their jobs easier.

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