The media is once again not providing fair coverage of Donald Trump - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: M.K. O'Sullivan, Allerton Bywater, Castleford.

William Cooper's article on the US Supreme Court (20/06/24), its makeup and decisions could well be a copy of what the East and West coast liberal media regularly come out with. Mr William Rees (28/06/24) adequately responds to the myopic item.

The recent decision of the Supreme Court 6-3, to grant Donald Trump some immunity on charges arising from the Washington riots was rounded on by the liberal media, the three Supreme Court liberal judges and Joe Biden.

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This decision makes it likely that any trial for Trump would not be held before the November election. The Supreme Court might well have to make decisions after the election.

Former US president Donald Trump playing golf. PIC: Jane Barlow/PA WireFormer US president Donald Trump playing golf. PIC: Jane Barlow/PA Wire
Former US president Donald Trump playing golf. PIC: Jane Barlow/PA Wire

Donald Trump had the opportunities to nominate three conservative judges to the Supreme Court and as the Senate was Republican controlled he got all three on the court, where they are now and are active, overturning Roe v Wade as an example, with a 6-3 majority.

We will hear much on the presidential election as voting day in November draws nearer, but almost nothing on the Congressional elections, where one third of the Senate and all the House members are up for election.

Trump or Biden post election might be the opposite party. Both would be second term presidents, barred from seeking a third one, and after 2026 mid-terms would be a lame duck, with diminishing powers.

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If Donald Trump wins he might approach the two oldest members of the Supreme Court conservatives Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, suggesting that they step down, giving him the chance to nominate younger conservatives for the posts, a Republican controlled Senate would enable this, shades of Barack Obama and Ruth Baden Ginsberg, she refused to resign, hung on, died and left an opening which Trump filled with Amy Coney Barrett, cementing a 6-3 majority.

The three liberal judges, Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan and Ketanji Jackson, especially the first two have had the experience of having their dissenting views on any cases before the court carry no weight, rumour is that one of them is not in good health. Might a departing Donald Trump leaving office in January 2029 leave a legacy of a 7-2 court split as a legacy?

If you want balanced and objective coverage of the US election here it will be hard to find, the BBC has a link with CBC long hostile to Trump and Republicans and Sky News has since 2020 shown where its choice lies, Biden.

In 2020 Sky presenters Austen and Samuels allowed anti-Trump speakers long rants with no interruptions or questions, the Portland Oregon riots come to mind, for long rants. Sky News now has a nightly item on foreign issues presented by Yalda Hakim, no friend of Donald Trump or Republicans, her comments on abortion and the question in Arizona showed this.

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About a month back Kay Burley on her morning show tried to extract an adverse comment on Donald Trump from the US lady ambassador, she failed.

Should Donald Trump triumph in November there will be an impact internally, immigration, the economy, and taxes, externally dealing with China, import taxes, arms sales. He has little time for Europeans, especially when it comes to spending on defence and security, the Germans in particular. He made this very clear to Angela Merkel, the later arch Putin appeaser. The German woman did not like it.

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