The U-turn that would count

From: DSR Watson, Ridgeway, near Sheffield.

DURING my 76 years, no Prime Minister has made so many U-turns in such a short period of time as David Cameron.

Mr Cameron proudly boasts that he is listening to the people and I urge the Prime Minister to listen to the people in respect of Afghanistan, Libya, foreign aid and, above all, membership of the EU.

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Together with many others, my father and grandfather fought in two world wars for democracy, which is now being taken away from the electorate of this country at enormous cost.

The British people seem not to realise that the cost of membership of the EU is, conservatively, £50m per day and rising.

Come on Prime Minister, do the right thing.

Memories of the Central line

From: Keith H Moss, Pudsey, Leeds.

Marjorie Gill’s letter (Yorkshire Post, July 15) regarding the railway line from Marylebone station certainly brought back memories.

It was, in fact, the Central Line, which ran from London to Manchester via Sheffield Victoria.

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I spent many a Friday afternoon during my National Service in the early 50’s waiting for the train at Finmere station in Oxfordshire to travel north via Brackley, Rugby to Victoria Station, and crossing Sheffield to the Midland station and a further train to Leeds.

Midweek there was a train mid-morning from Bradford Exchange station which went direct to Marylebone via Penistone and onward from Sheffield.

It was a great pity the line was closed.

Part of its route is still visible from the M1 in Leicestershire. Little thought was given to its undoubted potential.