These virus variants mean ‘Freedom Day’ could still backfire on Boris Johnson – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Richard Godley, Meadowfields, Whitby.

What is your verdict on Boris Johnson's handling of the Covid pandemic?

I RATHER think that the talk of ‘Freedom Day’ and other blustering announcements from Downing Street are much too premature.

If we knew for sure that even being ‘double jabbed’ was an effective shield against Covid-19, and that it was a virus that we knew for sure that we’d be protected against, it would be fine.

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However what has not been in the Press much, if at all, is the fact that Covid-19 is not something that will go away anytime soon.

What is your verdict on Boris Johnson's handling of the Covid pandemic?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has identified 11 or so variants of the disease. The ones that most folk are aware of these days is the Delta variant – the most newsworthy which originated in India. Also on the list, which are given letters from the Greek alphabet, are others more common in the UK; they are Beta, Alpha and Gamma.

Now looming large are Kappa, Epsilon, Eta, Theta, Iota and Lambda. Currently the biggest threats are Lambda and Epsilon, both of which have been identified in South America (Brazil and Chile) and which have more protein spikes which enable them to spread extremely quickly. More importantly those spikes give them the ability to ‘evade’ the jabs we have, or should have had already, depending on the body’s natural resistance.

I would not be surprised that talk of an autumn ‘booster’ jab, alongside the flu one, will be aimed at more than one variant. Epsilon and Lambda being my bet, however who knows what mutations there will be in the next few months? I, for one, will not be going clubbing or to football matches.

From: Trev Bromby, Hull.

IT appears that the Covid-19 death gene is rapidly diminishing, and the rapid decline in deaths hopefully spells the end of this blight.

Surely it is time the media acknowledged this dramatic fall in fatalities and sent that knowledge to the public? After all, we just want the truth and the facts. The numbers of the diminishing death toll are screaming out to be heard; how come we the public cannot hear it?

From: Peter Bye, Addingham.

BORIS Johnson has been taking a lot of criticism regarding lying. Can anyone tell me the name of any Prime Minister who has not repeatedly lied, ‘over egged the pudding’, misled parliament, been economical with the truth and withheld information from the public.

Lying is part of the job.

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