This Bradford postcode snobbery is unjustified – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Michael Green, Baghill Green, Tingley.

Postcodes remain a source of consternation in some parts of Yorkshire.

I’M frankly appalled that your Saturday columnist David Behrens has decided to have a go at Royal Mail for their refusal to change their postcode system (The Yorkshire Post, November 6) just because a pressure group in Thornbury demands a change.

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Postcodes exist for one reason and one reason only, to secure the efficient handling and delivery of the mail. The fault which has given rise to anger in Thornbury lies fairly and squarely with the insurers, property valuers etc, who insist on misusing the postcode system for purposes which were never intended and which are in fact completely irrelevant to the job they should actually be doing.

Postcodes remain a source of consternation in some parts of Yorkshire.

Why on earth should Royal Mail have to rearrange their entire delivery arrangements (sorting offices, rounds, etc) just to please them? David Behrens is a responsible journalist, so why doesn’t he target his anger instead at the companies misusing the system?

Or has he just succumbed to the unfortunate current trend of bad-mouthing the innocent rather than the villain?

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