Time for compassion over Channel migrants and immigration in wake of pandemic – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Olga Allen, Brayton.

How can the Channel migrants crisis be resolved?
How can the Channel migrants crisis be resolved?

COVID has taught us what global co-operation has meant when it comes to the production of several vaccines; however let’s do more and supply all countries with vaccines to halt the occurrence of newer variants.

Immigration figures show that since Brexit, many of our European doctors, nurses, fruit- pickers and lorry drivers have left Britain to work in their own country again or choose from the other 26 countries, where freedom of movement exists. Who is going to fill that gap?

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Despite the desperate people who risk their lives to come across the Channel, immigration levels are well down following Brexit from the EU. These people are traumatised by the events in their own country, and are seeking to be with their loved ones who are already living in Britain and are contributing to the economy.

Migrants queue for food at a makeshift camp in Calais, France, as attempts to reach the UK across the Channel continue. Picture date: Thursday October 28, 2021. PA Photo. With winter approaching, migrants scraping an existence in Calais.

Instead of creating inhumane detention centres, would it not make compassionate, humanitarian, and logical sense for Home Office officials to go to France and get all those who can prove they have family here in Britain processed and given the correct paperwork of at least Pre-Settled Status? In time, they will recover from their ordeal with the love of their family and they will be able to fill in the gaps of all those professions mentioned above and more.

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