Time for peace and common sense over Bonfire Night and fireworks - Yorkshire Post letters

What are your thoughts on fireworks?
What are your thoughts on fireworks?

From: John G Wildie, Brian Grove, Sandal, Wakefield.

There seems to be a lot of confusion now about the use of fireworks. It is now becoming a nuisance every night and is beyond a joke.

I don’t object to people enjoying themselves but I do think that a lot of consideration should be given to old people who are living on their own and who are nervous, and also to people who have pets.

Ban fireworks as Halloween marks start of Bonfire ‘Fortnight’ hell – Yorkshire Post Letters

Some dogs and cats have to use medication but no one seems to care these days.

The reason a lot of the fireworks are so loud now are so they can be used for displays by organised parties. They should not be allowed to be thrown around streets and houses. Please let’s have some peace and common sense.

From: Jenny Eaves, Blaby, Doncaster.

I AGREE entirely with David Behrens on the subject of preventing firework sales to the general public (The Yorkshire Post, November 9).

Time to put an end to fireworks once and for all – David Behrens

I have always enjoyed Bonfire Night but this time of year is now ruined for weeks by unthoughtful people letting off extremely loud fireworks seemingly incessantly every evening.

Something needs to change before next year.