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From: Paul Muller, Woodthorpe Gardens, Sandal, Wakefield.

In order to reduce the levels of CO2 and nitric oxide in the world atmosphere we must stop producing so many vehicles and improve public transport so that all people can get to and from their place of work easily.

We must develop many small nuclear power stations throughout the UK because once they are running they do not produce any carbon dioxide to cause climate change. As in France.

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If we have no gas how are we going to heat our houses for three quarters of the year? Electricity is too expensive. We live in a very cold climate for three quarters of the year.

Traffic on the M1. Picture: Rui Vieira/PA Wire.

This can be done if the car manufacturers can be persuaded to produce much smaller family cars with either small electric or small highly efficient petrol engines.

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It is generally expected that over a period of years our living standards should gradually improve as the country’s economy develops.

The present concern for global warming points out to us that this is not necessarily the case. Our personal habits have changed so as to increase the production of greenhouse gases but this has not prompted any suggestions that we should re-learn some activities which were commonplace 60 years ago.

At one time many millions of children cycled to school so as to be halfway home by the time their classmates had waited for the bus to arrive. This form of transport was also used by many to travel to work provided it was convenient to wear the same clothes for the journey as were worn in the workplace. There is no reason why we could not benefit in both climate change and personal health terms by returning to this form of transport.

Before the motorway network was built almost all long distance freight traffic was by rail.

While it may be more expensive to ship goods from rail to road there are ways in which the reloading of goods can be carried out without undue delay and businesses could be given incentives to reduce their carbon footprint in this way.

Countries in Africa are increasingly developing hydro-electric schemes so as to deliver a reliable source of carbon-free electricity.

Despite there being many upland areas in this country which are populated by a few sheep our government appears to be resolutely opposed to

this form of power generation despite the fact that it could also be the most reliable way of reducing the numbers of flooding incidents in low lying areas.

From: Clark Cross, Linlithgow.

The spin doctors say that a new global deal has been achieved at Cop26 in Glasgow. The truth is different. Coal will only be “phased down” not “phased out”.

However Nicola Sturgeon managed to grab the headlines and squander another £12m of taxpayers’ money on top of the £24m already squandered on developing nations. The UK’s share of the $100bn a year promised to developing nations includes Scotland but Ms Sturgeon has to grandstand and add £36m. Meanwhile in Scotland deprived areas, the NHS, local authorities and those in fuel poverty suffer.

Meanwhile, another hatching of climate protesters crawl out of the woodwork. Eco zealots from Tyred of SUVs caused criminal damage by puncturing the tyres of SUVs or deflating them.

They left a flyer on the windscreen criticising the owners for having a gas guzzling SUV. About 60 cars were involved, so this is a major crime.

The majority of the cars were not even SUVs. These demonstrators are cowards since they carry out their crimes in the darkness. Why did they not go to Glasgow and let down the tyres of President Joe Biden’s hulking black Cadillac known as “The Beast” and the 20 SUVs in the convoy?

Why do members of Tyred of SUVs not go to China which has 297 million cars and 47 per cent are SUVs or America which has 287 million cars of which more than half are SUVs?

The police must be seen to act quickly otherwise irate members of the public will take the law into their own hands.

From: PL Taylor, Milner Street, Lockwood, Huddersfield.

How can car manufacturers issue doctored statistics to reach emissions standards as required by law? It would seem when companies advertise favourable statistics there is a total void of morals, principles, standards or ethics.

Big business is only interested in big profits. It doesn’t matter the state of the roads to achieve that aim.