Tweeting drivers need life ban

From: Ken Holmes, Cliffe Common, Selby.

IT is blatantly obvious that the law on motorists tweeting on Twitter and texting while driving is not working.

It is high time that a zero tolerance policy was the order of the day. Anyone convicted of this dastardly, diabolical and dangerous offence should have their cars confiscated and should be disqualified from driving for life. Drivers who have no respect for the law and other road 
users deserve no better. Why should people’s lives be put at risk by morons who don’t give a damn?

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From: Allan Ramsay, member of RoadPeace, Radcliffe Moor Road, Radcliffe, Manchester.

IF David Cameron listens to what Bradley Wiggins has to say about making roads safer for cycling – a very effective treatment, if not cure for obesity, alcohol/drug addiction and depression – then won’t thousands of lives be saved?

Fine hotel with lost entrance

From: EM Harrison, Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

PLEASE may I through your newspaper thank all the management and staff at the Double Tree by Hilton in Leeds. They all made our recent stay such a pleasure.

There was only one problem and that was we could see the hotel but couldn’t find our 
way to its entrance. The signs to the hotel are to The Mint Hotel. This is very confusing.

Please could Leeds Council correct these signs? It is not good for the hotel or even worse, for people trying to get to it.

Bring jobs back

From: Dorothy Cope, Beckwithshaw, Harrogate.

MORRISONS’ disappointment at their lack of Christmas trade should surprise no one. A Yorkshire company sending so many jobs to India says it all. Come back Sir Ken.