Ukraine: Why this Tory MP must learn some manners and respect their constituents over war stance – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Jerry Diccox, Wilsden Hill.

Shipley MP Philip Davies.
Shipley MP Philip Davies.

I’VE always written to my MP over the years – all five of them.

I’ve always been polite and they’ve always been polite and professional in return – and that is how the public expect their MP to conduct themselves.

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A demonstrator holds a poster reading "Peace for Ukraine!" during a protest against the Russian military invasion in Ukraine in Almaty, Kazakhstan, Sunday, March 6, 2022. (AP Photo/Vladimir Tretyakov).

Never once, until now, has my MP replied to an honest inquiry by jumping to a wrong conclusion in order to justify sarcasm, before accusing me of being “intolerant towards other points of view” over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (Tom Richmond, The Yorkshire Post, March 5).

This extraordinary tirade from Philip Davies MP came as such a shock that I assumed it had been sent in error, but no apology arrived.

Maybe bad behaviour and unprofessional conduct are now so second nature to some of his colleagues that Mr Davies feels justified in joining in, assuming that goading a constituent into an argument and calling them “intolerant” without any grounds for doing so, is somehow justified, all part of being as he puts it, “honest and direct”.

Whatever his excuse, Mr Davies needs to learn some manners and his Bingley and Shipley constituents deserve to know about the character of the man who is representing them in Parliament.

Refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine arrive at the train station in Przemysl, Poland, Sunday, March 6, 2022. (AP Photo/Markus Schreiber),

From: Peter Packham, Shadwell, Leeds.

HILARY Andrews asked “Why would you want to belong” (The Yorkshire Post, March 3) referring to the EU.

It is untrue to say that the EU have been slow to react to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

The fact is that the measures the EU have taken to sanction Russian oligarchs, supply arms to the Ukraine and welcome Ukrainian refugees fleeing from Putin are far greater than anything the UK government has done.

The truth is that the invasion of Ukraine has exposed just how isolated and ineffective Brexit Britain is on the international stage.

From: Keith Alford, Fulwood, Sheffield.

I THOUGHT the arguments against the EU by Brexiteers could not get more desperate until I read the letter from Hilary Andrews on your pages.

To use the tragedy visited on Ukraine is to plumb the depths of poor taste.

I hope that Hilary Andrews reads and listens to reports of the conflict more carefully, perhaps then she will get a clearer view of European values untainted by the mist of Brexit fanaticism.

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