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From: Michelle Randall, Whitby.

Should the Covid vaccine be compulsory for carers?
Should the Covid vaccine be compulsory for carers?

AS a retired social worker and having a 97-year-old 
mother-in-law resident in a care home (not in Yorkshire), I think it is irresponsible and selfish of carers to prioritise their “personal choice” over the safety of those they care for.

I would not agree to my 
precious mother-in-law being cared for by anyone who has not had the vaccine.

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What about the residents’ human rights, knowingly subjecting them to dangerous practice? Our family has been reassured by the care providers for my mother-in-law that all carers and staff are fully vaccinated.

Should the Covid vaccine be compulsory for carers?

We feel relieved and reassured that she can live out her life without the fear of contracting this deadly virus.

The pandemic is a highly unusual event and this requires unusual interventions.

How would a carer feel who chose to refuse to be vaccinated and then went on to contract Covid-19 and, because they are asymptomatic, bring it in to the care-home environment? Although the vaccine provides excellent protection, it is not 100 per cent.

Carers have a duty to provide an extension of “herd immunity” to the residents they say they care about. How will a carer feel if they are responsible for the untimely death of a resident they say they care about?

From: Alan Slomson, Leeds.

JOHN Bercow, while Speaker of the House of Commons, showed himself to be a man of integrity who stood up for the rights of Parliament. In contrast, Boris Johnson has shown that his word cannot be trusted.

Last Friday he said he had full confidence in Matt Hancock and the matter was closed.

Two days later he was 
claiming credit for Hancock’s resignation.

I can only suppose that your correspondents who sneer at Bercow, and support Johnson, either have their heads in the sand, or are happy to have a Government led by people who are dishonest.

From: ME Wright, Harrogate.

I SUSPECT many of us are waiting with bated breath for the unmasking of the one who sent that picture of Matt Hancock to The Sun.

Meanwhile, it is interesting to consider different people’s perceptions of it. These range from “embrace”, to Sir Bernard Ingham’s cautiously graphic “half clinch” (The Yorkshire Post June 30) and Andrew Rawnsley’s unrestrained “swallowing each other’s tonsils” in The Observer.

Take your pick!

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