Vaccines is no excuse for Tony Blair’s ID card plan – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Barry Tighe, Matson Court, Woodford Green, London.

Tony Blair remains an advocate of ID cards.

YET again Tony Blair creeps out of his box to revive his ID card obsession.

We’re to spend a fortune creating a nation of ‘Warden Hodges’ demanding our papers whenever we try to spend our money reviving our shattered hospitality sector.

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Why? In a few months we’ll all be vaccinated bar a minuscule number with medical or paranoid objections. The unvaccinated cannot hurt us, so why give them a hard time? Pressuring folk to take a vaccine they foolishly believe will harm them can produce the nocebo effect. The placebo effect’s evil twin, when someone is forced into a procedure that they believe will harm them, the nocebo effect will ensure it does.

Do you back Tony Blair over ID cards?

Tony Blair should stay in his box and think about what he’s done.

From: Terry Palmer, South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley.

IT never ceases to amaze how people that are proven “losers” continue to sulk and jump on any anti-government protest.

We need no lectures from them, not just on Brexit, but the latest fashion seems to be anything anti-Tory regarding the Covid pandemic.

Now these people decide they have a new favourite friend in Dominic Cummings, who, remember, these same people hated with a vengeance not long ago but now love.

Why? You may well ask. The simple reason is he, after being sacked, hates Boris Johnson just like the “sulkers”. Talk about two- faced, more like four-faced.

To put it simply, that is the reason people keep voting the Tories into power. When the sulkers decide and accept democracy is still the norm in the UK, then, and only then, will they be listened to, but don’t hold your breath.

From: Henry Cobden, Ilkley.

I RESPECT The Yorkshire Post for its big-hitting columns on education and skills from the likes of David Blunkett, Justine Greening, Robert Halfon and now Lord O’Donnell, a former Cabinet Secretary.

Yet they’re always knocked by your correspondent Neil Richardson and his response to Lord O’Donnell (The Yorkshire Post, June 9) is no exception?

Why? I’d venture Gus O’Donnell knows more on policy than your correspondent does – or Education Secretary Gavin Williamson for that matter. Stop being so negative, Neil, and start welcoming the constructive debate on an issue that is, sadly, neglected by the national media.

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