West Yorkshire’s future transport system could be underground - Yorkshire Post letters

From: James Bovington, Church Grove, Horsforth, Leeds.

How can rail services in Leeds and Bradford be improved?

From: James Bovington, Church Grove, Horsforth, Leeds

WEST Yorkshire Combined Authority is currently 
consulting on radical improvements to public transport, aiming to provide a system that although smaller in scope still rivals the capacity, convenience, coverage and connectivity of London Transport.

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Yet no mention is made of the qualitative leap in passenger transport that a tunnelled Metro system could bring. A transport system like London’s … but without the Underground! Difficult to imagine.

What is the future of the region's rail services?

I’ll submit proposals for CrossRail tunnels in Leeds and Bradford to become the backbone of public transport in West Yorkshire with electrified regional rail and battery operated municipal trams sharing tunnels.

Tunnelled metros exist in Liverpool Glasgow and on Tyneside and are planned for Manchester, Bristol, Cambridge and possibly Birmingham. ‘‘WestLink’’ under construction in Gothenburg Sweden is an excellent example of what 
might work in Leeds as cities 
of comparable size such as 
Lyons, Hanover and Zurich have found.

Which politician has the vision and ambition needed to bring underground transport to central Leeds and Bradford?