Why Boris Johnson was right to purge rebel Remain MPs over Brexit – Yorkshire Post letters

Boris Johnson's tone at Prime Minister's Questions has been widely rebuked.
Boris Johnson's tone at Prime Minister's Questions has been widely rebuked.
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From: Michael Armitage, Dunkeswick.

HISTORY will rightly ensure that those misguided MPs who voted to stop a ‘no-deal’ Brexit will never be forgiven for putting their selfish interests before those of future generations.

Boris Johnson has been involved in angry exchanges in the House off Commons.

Boris Johnson has been involved in angry exchanges in the House off Commons.

I’ve news for Boris Johnson: you’re no Winston Churchill and here’s why – Tom Richmond

Whatever the disruption caused to our lives by a ‘no-deal’ Brexit, it would be relatively short-term and nothing compared to the disruption and misery that will be caused to the lives of our children and grandchildren by remaining in an EU, which, amongst many other objectives, seeks to extend its power over sovereign nations, jeopardise the NATO alliance by its ridiculous plan for a military role and bully member states on political issues (Poland and Hungary being just two examples).

Named: The hypocrites and lickspittles in Boris Johnson’s Cabinet shaming politics over Brexit – Tony Rossiter

The majority who voted Leave did so because they wanted to escape enslavement by the anti-democratic EU.

Brexit protesters once again gathered outside the Houses of Parliament this week.

Brexit protesters once again gathered outside the Houses of Parliament this week.

Now the Prime Minister has been deprived of his key negotiating stance to deliver the will of the people and we face the equally dreadful prospects of leaving on the EU’s terms or not leaving at all.

Boris Johnson, our People’s PM, is right to call a general election if stupidity rules over Brexit – Bernard Ingham

How right the PM was to withdraw the whip from the rebel Tory MPs.

All strength to Boris Johnson’s elbow in the forthcoming general election which is the one remaining chance for democracy to prevail.

From: William Rees, Boroughbridge.

TONY Rossiter’s article (The Yorkshire Post, September 4) is full of his usual bluster against the Government generally and Boris Johnson in particular.

A former civil servant, he displays a remarkable lack of diplomacy, using ridiculously extreme language, and he shows that his years as a civil servant taught him very little about the operation of government.

Why suspension of Parliament sets dangerous precedent for democracy – Ken Clarke

He seems to be unaware that the House of Commons vote on Tuesday was designated by the Government as a confidence vote, with MPs warned they would lose the whip if they voted against the Government’s most vital policy, handing power over to the Government’s opponents.

Nothing unconstitutional about Boris Johnson shutting Parliament over Brexit and here’s why – Bill Carmichael

Having done that, they haven’t been expelled from the party, but, having had the whip withdrawn, they won’t be able to stand for the Conservative Party in a future election. Having ruined the Government’s plans, how could they expect otherwise?

Boris Johnson certainly has his faults, but at least he is trying to fulfil the result of the 2016 referendum.

From: Mrs G Rickaly, Ashdene Crescent, Fartown, Pudsey.

I AM 81 years of age and used to be proud to be British. I have always been a Labour Party voter, but not any more after the disgusting behaviour of our MPs over Brexit.

Our Prime Minister has done the right thing in suspending Parliament for a few days as they have already had three years to get Brexit sorted. MPs are now saying they will not be able to represent their constituents, but they have not been bothered about this for three years. Get rid of them all and bring in people who will work together for the good of our country and people.

From: Roger Backhouse, Upper Poppleton, York.

BORIS Johnson can give a good speech when he wants to, but your Editorial (The Yorkshire Post, September 4) is right to say how bad he was at Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday.

He was ill-prepared, had shambolic delivery and resorted to cheap jokes. He made Jeremy Corbyn look like a statesman, quite an achievement. Perhaps it was to avoid PMQs that he prorogued Parliament. Those behind the PM looked almost embarrassed by the PM’s performance.

Sajid Javid’s announcement of an end to austerity is welcome though it comes after terrible damage to our public services in the last seven years. But I cannot help noticing that when Labour proposed spending smaller sums than those offered by the Chancellor the Conservatives sneered about Labour finding “the magic money tree”. More than a whiff of hypocrisy here.

Nothing like a spending spree before a general election in the hope of winning votes. How will it be paid for later? Watch for a further rise in pension age. Work ’til you drop is coming.

From: Colin Richardson, Brandesburton.

I LOOK forward to The Yorkshire Post each day and following breakfast settle down to catch up on the latest news generally, skipping the front page full of doom and gloom to get to the more unbiased articles.

I saw a picture of someone (September 4) waving a banner stating ‘Yorkshire says no to Brexit’. I would like to make 
clear that this is not in my name and that of a number of your letters page contributors and, if I recall correctly, the referendum result.

I also have come to the conclusion that the people in the photo must have very understanding employers to allow them time off work to wave their flags and banners.

From: Andrew Cliffe, Sandal, Wakefield.

WHEN interviewing MP Dr Phillip Lee who has defected to the Lib Dems, BBC presenter Louise Minchin said that “we are running out of superlatives”. A very strange choice of words, but understandable if you are a reporter, journalist or political commentator.

From: Paul Rouse, Main Street, Sutton upon Derwent, York.

WE cannot carry on like this and the only way out is to cancel Brexit, elect a government with 
a working majority and start again with a new referendum. I say this as a fully committed Brexiteer using common sense.

From: Ralph Lennard, Leeds.

SO Jeremy Corbyn, the man who has had nothing to say for at least two years except “General Election, bring it on”, votes against one.

Unbelievable, heaven help us if this Marxist man gets into power. No doubt he will have Putin’s backing and the Iranian Ayatollahs as his advisers.