Why Morrisons must ban sale of fireworks to aid farmers – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: John Chamberlin, Selby.

Should there be more stringent controls on the sale of fireworks?

IT’S such a shame that Morrisons, who market themselves as caring UK farmers, should be selling items that have petrified livestock and domestic animals for the week running up to Guy Fawkes night and beyond.

To compound matters they have continued to sell them after November 5. Hopefully they will follow Sainsbury’s example and not sell fireworks next year.

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From: Pat Armstrong, Bingley.

Should there be more stringent controls on the sale of fireworks?

I WONDER how much longer we will have to endure the “bombs” going off as fireworks.

They seem to get earlier in the year and noisier.

There are restrictions on age but I expect it is like alcohol or cigarette purchasing –send in an older person and then hand them out later.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, the Leader of the Commons, says “they are harmless fun”.

I wonder if the police and firefighters agree with him?

Also the effect they have on PTSD sufferers, pets and old people is unacceptable.

The fireworks don’t need to be stopped altogether but toned down.

There can be a spectacle without the bangs.

We have some being set off near midnight.

From: James Buick, Northallerton.

GIVEN the incessant firework explosions over the past week or so, why cannot their sale – and use – be permitted to organised events that have to be licensed in advance?

In this era of health and safety, why do the Government turn a blind eye to such a clear – and obvious – danger to the health of the public and livestock?

Or has Boris Johnson got shares in the fireworks companies?

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