Why say sorry when Evans claims innocence?

From: John A Martin, Westfield Close, Hotham, York.

At long last we see some intelligent comment in respect of the Ched Evans saga from Chris Brooke (The Yorkshire Post, November 22).

As he states, why on earth would Evans say sorry when he maintains his innocence? In view of the case coming up for review in the near future I find the media coverage of the whole affair nothing short of disgraceful.

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Most of those who have been given huge publicity by the media have been either “unknowns” or attention-seeking individuals.

The one exception is of course Jessica Ennis- Hill. Whilst respecting her, I would have thought that her statement would have been better saved until after any decision of the review panel.

With regard to the “public outcry” which we keep hearing about, I can say that I have yet to: A) See a petition or been asked to sign one;

b) Met anyone who has seen a petition or been asked to sign one;

c) Spoken to anyone who would sign one if they were asked to.

I can only assume that the minute section of the public who have made a protest are mainly uninformed “laptop gazers” who can’t wait to put their silly nicknames to anything that takes their fancy.