Why TransPennine Express must be stripped of franchise after shambles on York to Scarborough route – Yorkshire Post letters

Should TransPennine Express be stripped of its rail franchise?
Should TransPennine Express be stripped of its rail franchise?
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From: Nigel Boddy, Fife Road, Darlington.

I HAVE taken the train from York to Scarborough on a number of occasions this summer. I am a great believer in railways. Unfortunately the service provided by the current company, TransPennine Express, is full of problems (Tom Richmond, The Yorkshire Post, September 13).

Inside the TransPennine Express operations room.

Inside the TransPennine Express operations room.

Change this law Boris Johnson so failed rail operators like Northern and TransPennine Express can be sacked - Tom Richmond

They are running trains from Liverpool to Scarborough every hour via York. If smaller trains simply ran from York to Scarborough every half hour, requiring customers to change at York for their onward journey, would the service be much better for Scarborough people and Scarborough visitors? There would be fewer problems with breakdowns and missing train crew. When there was a problem with a train, another would be along in 30 minutes anyway.

Put transport pledge in law, Boris Johnson, to win North’s trust – Tom Richmond

From my experience yesterday, are potential passengers of this company, waiting at home looking online, better informed than their passengers waiting for trains on York station?

Some people, I am told, already knew about problems with the service over an hour and a half before I did yesterday as a passenger waiting on York station. Does this company deserve to retain the York to Scarborough franchise considering the information they give out?