Why vaccine passports are now necessary – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Mrs I M Asquith, Wakefield.

READING the comments of Jayne Dowle (The Yorkshire Post, April 26), I am sure she is out of touch with a lot of public opinion with regard to the potential use of vaccine passports.

In the area I live, most people are very concerned and want some proof that a premises is safe.

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None of us will be eating in bars or restaurants, visiting theatres, etc, and certainly not booking a flight unless there is some sort of passport or test to reassure us that it is safe.

Do you back vaccine passports?
Do you back vaccine passports?

We have all had our vaccines but that is only half the picture.

There are still people we know who deny the existence of Covid, refuse to wear a mask or have the vaccine.

From: Martin Fletcher, Flanders Court, Thorpe Hesley.

I AM getting just a little annoyed at vested interests only after money, whinging about the restrictions.

The Covid vaccine programme continues to prompt much debate.

They do not care who dies provided their bars and shops are full up elbow to elbow.

The latest is the universities moaning about the plight of their students.

It is bad enough Boris Johnson left India off the list of Covid travel restrictions for political reasons.

Bit late putting it on now.