Wrong to criticise Labour leader Keir Starmer on Brexit and NHS pay - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Ian Barnes, Salvin Road, Stamford Bridge.

Sir Keir Starmer. Photo: PA.

IN MR Palmer’s letter, “Why I can’t trust Keir Starmer after his Brexit failures” (The Yorkshire Post, March 19), he states “he will never forget the treatment meted out to us by that man and his colleagues during Brexit”.

What treatment was meted out? Mr Palmer’s missive is quite indicative of many letters submitted to this page, with statements but no explanations.

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Regarding his other point about nurses’ pay, Sir Keir is not in a position to give an amount of increase the pay award should be, being in Opposition.

All he can do is point out that the one per cent offered is derisory and an insult to the medical staff who have shown a dedication and devotion to their patients beyond any normal call of duty, and judging by what’s been reported in the headlines and broadcast media, most of the population of this country would agree with him.

We are governed at the moment by a totally inept, out of touch and incompetent Prime Minister and Government who can splash the cash on cronyism, old pals act etc, (PPE distribution to name just one); a useless Test and Trace system costing £37bn to date and still not working.

However, Mr Johnson continues to refuse to spend it where it’s deserved, namely on the medical profession.