Yorkshire council CEOs overpaid while authorities fail - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Dave Ellis,  Magdalen Lane, Hedon.


I READ with interest the letter from Bob Watson regarding the salary of Bradford chief executive officer Kersten England, which is nearly twice the amount the Prime Minister receives.

I agree that even when local authority services are failing, the chief executive officer and team of directors still receive their salaries – and probably a bonus!

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If they are not providing services to the level of agreement which they have set then surely they should receive a pay cut?

How many residents are aware that the true cost of providing local authority services includes generous attendance allowances for ward councillors, which are set and approved by themselves.

Why, as well as a council leader, there are council chairmen, and their deputies, along with Conservative group, Labour group, Liberal Democrats group and other groups, which have support from council officers and no doubt receive additional allowances for these duties?

In the East Riding of Yorkshire, the council has put out a tender to transport the council leader and council chairman to functions at neighbouring councils, whether they are city, town or parish councils.

From: Eric Cowin MRTPI (ret), Main Street, Kirk Deighton.

Your article re the Bradford children’s services scandal is to be commended. However, what is notable once again is the lack of any comment or visibility from the leadership of the council, those at the very heart of this disgrace.

Your editorial several months ago questioned the positions of CEO Kersten England and council leader Susan Hinchcliffe.

They have been found not to be fit for purpose and yet continue to seek to lay blame elsewhere to save their stained careers.

Given the hysteria around Partygate, here in Bradford we have failed the most vulnerable, yet our leadership remains in place.

What a sad state of affairs.