Yorkshire farms needed for food not solar panels - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Clark Cross, Springfield Road, Linlithgow.

WHAT a fantastic letter from Peter Conwell (The Yorkshire Post, March 14) who asks why the UK should allow good farming land to be turned over to solar farms.

Solar farms are not green. The lithium-ion battery farms that are needed to store surplus solar electricity have regularly gone on fire creating greenhouse gases.

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When a lithium-ion battery catches fire it reaches a very high temperature, produces toxic gasses and is inextinguishable. Underground car parks in Kulmbach and Leonberg in Germany have banned EVs and hybrids.

A solar plant in Japan. Picture: Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images.A solar plant in Japan. Picture: Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images.
A solar plant in Japan. Picture: Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images.

E-scooters, which have lithium-ion batteries, are banned from all London public transport. Mining for lithium in China has resulted in a toxic lake and ill health. Solar panels contain toxic elements. The UK is not self-sufficient in food production; it imports 48 per cent of the total food consumed.

The UK and Scottish governments should immediately tell local authorities that planning permission for solar farms must be refused since the farm land must be used for vital food production.

From: GM Lindsay, Kinross.

EVERY wind installation planning application includes a claim relating to the number of homes it could supply with electricity.

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Totting up all these claimed numbers suggests that all homes in the country and more should already be supplied by wind generated electricity. This is not happening!

The National Grid still being supported by large quantities of electricity generated by nuclear and fossil fuel generators – currently at over 55 per cent of demand as I write with wind at 17 per cent.

Could it be the basic flaw namely: one wind turbine and no wind equals zero electricity and 10,000 wind turbines and no wind also equals virtually zero electricity? The assertion by the wind industry that the wind always blows somewhere is obviously misleading! Perhaps a better name for renewables would be unreliables?

From: Rodger Watkinson, Leeds.

IT’S time Boris Johnson got into the real world. We need to stop listening to people from the Green Party, open up our coal mines and start putting the people of the UK first.

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We need to start producing our own gas and electricity. We should not be relying on Russia and other communist countries for our power.

Climate change has be going on for billions of years; this will never change. Put your self-respect on the line for the sake of the people of the UK.